Cassie Howard My name is Cassie Howard and I am a frugal living expert that resides in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. I have always loved saving money and teaching others to do the same.

I use coupons on a weekly basis and am always trying to find the best deal on everything I possibly can. People often ask me to help them get started with using coupons in Canada and I am always more than happy to help. I teach Canadians how to live a more frugal lifestyle without sacrificing their quality of life.

I am passionate about saving money and living a frugal lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks for frugal living on my website,

My couponing eBook, Money In Your Pocket, is almost 100 pages long and is jam-packed with helpful information about saving money on your grocery bill every month. It is one of the most downloaded couponing eBooks for Canadians.

My new menu planning eBook, How to Achieve Menu Planning Success, is full of tips to help you understand how menu planning works, and how to do it in a way that saves you time and money. I am passionate about menu planning, and the positive things it can do for your life, and I share my passion in this book.

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